Artemisszió – Kite ring

Cute stamped kite on a ~65mm long raw brass ring base. A little adjustable. For very skinny finger girls is not really recomended.

(Afghan) kite is a symbol of Mira community, who help migrants and refugees living in Hungary.

Read more about the material and care at “Description”!

Buying this jewelry supports the work of the Artemisszió Foundation.


Artemisszió Foundation is aiming for a cohesive society that values diversity, supports inclusion, and encourages active social participation.

10% of your purchase will go to Artemisszió Foundation.

3,500 Ft

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▸▸▸ Please note, that this jewelry is handmade, and no two pairs will be the same. This gives you the unique detail to your charm and should not be considered a defect in craftsmanship.

▸▸▸ Charms are raw brass and will eventually develop a lovely patina over time. If you wish to get rid of the patina, you can easily use steel wool, baking soda, lemon etc. to polish them up. Be sure not to go near water as well, as it can easily stain raw brass.

▸▸▸ Thank you for shopping handmade!

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