Stampp is a jewellery company based in Hungary with a focus on playful and simple designs.
Started in 2015 by Eszter Schall, stampp began as a little tryout.
It has since grown into a full time business and you will find my jewellery in stores
across Hungary and beyond, at design fairs and, of course, online.

I am a jewelry designer and maker in Hungary. I enjoy creating beautiful things, and have a special love
for jewelry. I am an entrepreneur, and have a graphic, illustration and design business.
Stampp is a smaller brand in schalleszter. ​

Since we got a lot of orders, take part markets every month and have a lot of retail shops, I can't do anything on my own. Little angels are helping us maintain.


My first jewelry began as a doodle. I still make and sell it: the fox face.

Over the past year I've worked on more doodles I turn into little jewelry charms.